Penteledata Services is upgrading all Cable TV and Internet Connections to full Digital Mode.  This will be carried out during the summer and early fall of the 2017-2018 school year.   This may significantly impact the use of Cable TV services in the school and may also impact certain Internet activities as well.   Several pieces of the school’s infrastructure will be replaced and updated equipment will be installed during this process.  If it occurs after the start of the school year there may be disruptions in the use of the Internet and/or cable services during that time.  You will be informed of any of these service disruptions.

As you are aware all classrooms are equipped with DVD players and Video Tape Players.

We received a large donation of Video Tapes and DVD’s to our library this past summer along with other materials we were able to receive through a state grant.  Please come to the Library to check out our new Video and DVD offerings.

Connecting your DVD / Video Player to your TV units and or your LCD Projection Units

For a video demonstration of a typical installation go to this site:  http://www.ehow.com/video_4987291_connect-dvd-player-tv.html and also see the following video


Both your DVD players and your Video Tape players use standard RCA cables to connect to a TV and/or LCD Projector (see images below)

In the diagram above you can see where the RCA cables typically plug into those devices.  Below are other examples of DVD Player and Video Player Backplates (the back of the machines) where these cables plug in.

DVD Player Backplate

Video Player Backplate

Some of the newer DVD and Video Tape players as well as the LCD Projectors also have S-Video and HDMI ports as well.  The S-Video ports are using black and the HDMI ports are usually white.   The cables are often black or colored.   (See Images below)

The Blue cables are HDMI (High Definition Media Input Cables)

The Black and Yellow Cables below are S Video Cables

Most RCA video jacks are yellow in color.  The Red and White Jacks are for Audio (Sound Output) to your TV and/or LCD Projector speakers.

Once you have decided on what cable hookup you intend to use, simply connect the cables between the back of the TV and the back of the DVD or Video Tape player.  Make sure the power on both the TV and the players is OFF before plugging in and/or removing these cables.

You can do the same for the LCD Projector using the appropriate connectors on the back of the LCD Projector.  (see image below)

Make sure you have a working Remote for your DVD and/or Video Tape Player and the TV unit you are using to help control the image and make sure it is connecting properly.  Most of the time these Units will use Channel 4 or one of the Upper Channels to connect with the TV.  If you are not sure what to use, contact me and I will help you.  Since we have so many different kinds of TV’s in the school it is difficult for me to include information for each one here.  This is intended as a general overview.

If you are connecting the TV to the Cable Lines in your Room, you need to connect the coaxial cable connector on the cable to the same connector on the TV.

Make sure the power is OFF on the TV before making this connection. Please remember that this is a lot of good learning content still available via TV so check out the PBS learning guides available online if you sign up at the PBS teachers site www.pbs.org/teachers/ Also check out Channel 39‘s our local PBS station has some great online resources for your classes as well.  That WEB site is http://www.wlvt.org/EDUCATION/index.htm
If you experience any problems with the connections described above, please contact me for assistance.

Toshiba DVD TV Combo

For a video of how to connect your computer to a TV using an S Video Cable watch the following video



Flat panel TV’s are now located in the Kindergarten, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Classrooms.  Additional Flat Panel Combination Monitor / TV units are being considered as part of the school’s revised Technology Plan for 2013-2014.

Wireless streaming from the teacher’s laptop to the Flat Screen Smart TV’s has been added to Grades 4 and 5 at the present time.

Flat Panel Wall Monitors have been added to the Learning Commons for use with the Distance Education Programs.


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