CHROMEBOOKS — As of June 2020 all school Chromebooks were transferred to Holy Infancy School in Bethlehem following the closure of St. Theresa School

NETBOOK Computers:

All school Netbook computers were given to a recycling services since they were no longer in use at St. Theresa’s School when the school closed.


The Dell Laptop computers which had been purchased for the teachers were retained by the PreK program when St. Theresa’s School closed.  These laptops have been upgraded and updated and are still in use by the PreK Program staff.


These Android Tablets were retained by the PreK program and have been set aside for use by the students in the program.  They will be share among the classes in the PreK program.

iPAD Systems

All school iPads have been retired from service with the new iPads being retained for staff use only after the closing of St. Theresa’s school.


1.  The charging stations previously used in Grades 2, PreK 3 and PreK 4 have been retained and are in use in the PreK program.

2.  All teachers, students, and staff must be trained on the use of this equipment prior to the mobile devices being distributed for staff or student use.

3.  All students must have a parent signed permission slip (Acceptable Use Policy Sign Off) identifying the conditions of use of the mobile device before they are permitted to use these systems.

4.  Students may only use these school owned mobile devices in school and only for specific classroom assignments given by their teachers. Personal mobile devices are not to be used by students in the PreK program and staff may use these devices under the terms of the overall Acceptable Use Policy of the program.

5.  Mobile devices are not to be plugged back into the charging station until the end of each day.  The charging station is to be returned to the charging location, plugged in and left on overnight so that all systems may recharge.  Mobile devices should only be charged when the charge power level is at 10% or less.

6.  Students are responsible for the handling of this equipment when it is at their desk.  Teachers are to hand out the devices and will be responsible for removing them from the charging station and/or placing back into the charging station.

7.  Teachers are the only ones who should be using the Network log in ID’s and passwords set up for each system.

8.  Only teachers after consultation with the technology coach can add new software to the systems.

9.  Students and teachers are responsible for seeing that all security and protection software is updated when those updates are provided automatically on the systems. Teachers must restart the computers after an update has been installed.

10.  Teachers  are to clean their mobile device screens with the designated cleaning cloth and cleaning solution after each use.  Under COVID Protocols are mobile devices and other classroom technology is to be cleaned with the special disinfecting items and all charging stations are equipped with UVC sanitizers so that the devices can be sterilized when they are placed in the charging stations.

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