To All St. Theresa School Teachers

The WEB sites listed below are sites which have content on them that is appropriate for use during the Break Times and recess times, or their independent activity times.  These activities should be encouraged in place of the online gaming that is currently being done by many of the students.  Most of the gaming currently being used by the students involves a great deal of violence (even though it rarely features images of actual people and/or virtual people), and does not promote real thinking on the part of the students.  The other problem is that by accessing their accounts for online gaming these students are connecting us to peer to peer networks and proxy server networks that can potentially bring harmful programs and viruses into our system.

If you and/or your students have any questions regarding the sites listed in this document, please let me know.  Thank you for your cooperation with this matter and for helping to protect the integrity of our school’s computer network.

Online Simulation Games and activities that are approved for Educational Use.  Interactive Fly simulation.  A series of free online simulation games suitable for children.  Amazon Life Simulation.  Human Anatomy Simulations.  Solar System Simulation.  Sea and Sky Simulations  A great set of java based applets for Math Learning.  Can be used at school or at home.  Discover the Pythagorian Theorem on your own.  Population growth and balance simulations.  Science Explorations and simulations.  Base 10 block simulations for Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Math in daily life simulations.  Explore How Memory Works in the Human Brain.  The virtual Abacus Site. Chick Scope and Bug Scope on this site.  Interactive simulation of the growth of a chicken embryo. Human Heart Simulation courtesy of the Franklin Institute.  National Geographic Explorations.  Virtual Frog Dissection.  An interactive Cell Biology Simulation.  Nova Hotscience Simulations and online videos. Dinosaur Explorations through the Discovery Channel.  Chicago’s famous Brookfield zoo explorations.  Use the Virtual Lab Links here for some sophisticated biology simulations.  Best for grades 6 through 8.  Genetics Science Simulations.  Prarie Biology Simulations for grades 3 and up.  Flight Simulations.  Roller Coaster Physics.  Science Simulations for grades 5 and up.  A set of online entymology (bugs) simulations and games. Social Studies Simulation on the life a a slave in the United States.  Simulation of life on the Oregon Trail in the United States.  Online Interactive Maps for Social Studies.  Earth Biomes Simulations (Earth Environments Simulations).  A Jump List to a wide range of online Social Studies Simulations. Freeware Empire Building Social Studies Simulation Game.  Another downloadable Ancient Civilizations Simulation Game.  Freeware Colonial Life Simulation Game.  Freeware game similar to SimCity.  Online Political Simulation Game.
In addition to the materials provide above.  If students wish to watch video content of an appropriate nature, please use the God Tube site instead of You Tube. 

Other appropriate video sites are the following:  This is the WEB site for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The EWTN Network Channel  Catholic Internet Broadcasting TV  The TBN Network site. (30 day free trial)  This site has a master list of free educational videos that you can download and watch.

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