1.     Go to the first in Math Login Page at:

2.     Using your Teacher Login – Provided on your Teacher/Student UserID and Password Sheet in your packet – Login on the Login Page. Click the “GO” button to login.

3.    Your Names should be entered into the Team Leaders List so you should be able to select your name from that List. (I have already entered your names as Team Leaders)

4.     You will then select your grade level from the Drop Down List.

5.    You will then create a class name – (please use stsgr(your grade number or letter)

6.    Check to make sure your USER ID and PASSWORD are correct and make sure the School Information is Correct, and then click the “SUBMIT” button to finish registering your class name. 

7.    From your “HOME” page – Click the HOME Tab at the top of the screen if you need to get to your Home Page.  You will enter your student’s information.   

8.    Click the link for “Show Student Passwords/Edit Student Info.” 

9.    Click the “ASSIGN PLAYER” button. 

10. Enter the first name of the student ( also use Last Name first initial if two of the students have the same first name). 

11. Enter the Student’s First in Math Student ID# from your list sheet. 

12. Click the SAVE CHANGES button to finish enrolling that student. 

13.Do steps 9 through 12 for each of the remaining students in your class. 

14. Click the “SUBMIT” Button when you have entered all of your students. 

See additional computer screen diagrams below.


First in Math Login Screen



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