As of June 2017 our school network is officially divided into two wired networks and three wireless networks.  All access to the two primary servers is limited to the Technology Coordinator only this is to prevent security breeches.

Wireless networks exist in all school locations.  A primary teacher student network is set up for daily classroom activities.  A secondary guest network is available to all persons who visit the school or itinerant teachers.  All persons using the school networks are required to sign the Acceptable Use Policy of the school.

Student access to the wired network is permitted through the wired classroom computers only.

Student access to the wireless networks is permitted for classroom and specials activities only and is not permitted during non-instructional times.

All BYOD devices must be registered with the school when they are on school property.  Registration is simply the users name, the device name and model.  BYOD devices may be used on the wireless guest netowrk only.


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