PLEASE NOTE:  All teachers in grades 1 through 6 are requested to use the SPELLING CITY is an online WEB site that allows you post weekly spelling list for your students to practice using 10 free spelling games.  The site offers additional tools if you wish to pay for these.  The students can enter their own spelling lists and/or you can enter them for them and they can access them from your teacher WEB site.

To access the site go to

You will see the following Open Window when you Enter the Site:

Spelling City Opening Page

You will want to click on the Link for Teachers so that you can register as a teacher if you have not already done so.

When you complete filling in your registration information you will be sent an email confirming your registration information.  You can not log in and create spelling lists for your students until you have responded to the email that Spelling City will send you.  Please check your email and respond to the email, by clicking on the confirmation link in the email.  Once that is completed you can login in at the top of the Spelling city Opening Page, and then go to the page where you can begin to create your spelling lists.

Spelling City Login

Spelling City List Creation opening Screen

You will need to create a name for your list and choose the number of words that you want to include.  Spelling City starts you with space to create a five word list.  If you want more look for the items which say add 5, add 10, add 15 words.  Remember that will be on top of the five word list spaces Spelling City Starts you out with.

Other teacher’s lists from our school will be listed on a page that looks like this

The List Management Page is accessed from the top of the Spelling City Page on the right side where your login information will be typed.  If you click on the List Management Page you will be taken to the page where you can create your lists, create a student group, and/or delete lists.

Spelling City List Management Page


The lists you create will look like the example below:  Students can learn the list (teach), take a Test to see if they know the list, or practice the list with games (10 free games — more available if you use the paid version of this site).

Spelling City List Example

Spelling City Now makes a variety of other free resources available to teachers. Click on the Teachers Link and Click on the Resources Link that will take you to a page that looks like the one below.  You can now find a variety or pre-made lists, and some student writing practice activities.

Teacher Resources Page

An online video is also available to help you get better acquainted with this site.  I’d recommend watching it.  It is short but can be very helpful.

If you have other questions, or need help, please feel free to speak with me.

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