As you know I have been running the Technology Wizards Program for the past six years.  My effort has been to engage students who want to go beyond the usual technology skills I teach in your classes and have them learn skills to be able to support the teaching staff and their fellow students.   We have had many capable students fill this role over the past several years.  With the graduation of our 2016-2017 class we have lost the majority of our Tech Wizards students, many who have participated in this program since they entered the fourth grade.  I am deeply grateful to their faithful and committed service.  As we move toward the 2017-2018 school year we will be refining the program to include a number of new technology related initiatives for these students.  We hope some new students will join us at the beginning of the year and help fill the ranks of those we have lost to graduation.  Again, many thanks to all of the Tech Wizards students who have filled these positions over the years.  Congratulations to those of our graduates who participated in this program who are now attending high school as well as to those who are now attending college and participating in technology based training in their college experience.

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