This blog was originally written to help teachers at St. Theresa’s School in Hellertown learn how to embrace the use of technology in the classroom.  It is written in an humorous tone using images from my dance experiences growing up as a convention for gaining the readers attention and using those experiences to demonstrate principles that apply to our use of technology in the school.  While the blog is intended for the teachers and staff at my school, I believe what it has to say can be applied to teachers in many school settings.  In some of those settings there may be more bureaucratic limitations to deal with, but some aspects of the Technology Dance can even be applied in very restrictive settings.  In the Sixth Posting of the Dance Stories of the blog I wanted to look down the road a bit and reflect on some impacts I see with technology change that will shift our dance patterns substantially in the years to come.  I believe they will make the dance more interesting if at times the steps are a bit more complex.  I believe there will be new energy in the dance as a result, and new passion among our students to learn and to use the technology tools well to help them.  As with everything I write I am always open to comments, criticism, suggestions.  Please don’t criticize without making some positive suggestions.  Criticism without positive suggestions is just another form of verbal bullying and I don’t think any of us respond to that well.  I don’t consider myself an expert on all of the things I’ve shared here, but I do consider myself an expert on my personal dance experiences, so feel free to let me have it on my technology suggestions, but please remember the dance experiences were my own, and I didn’t share any of them with you, unless you are one of the people named in my stories.  If you are, I hope you enjoyed them, and drop me a line some time.  I haven’t heard from most of you in over 25 years, so I would be thrilled to speak with you again, or even have lunch or coffee with you again some day.

Here is why I dance today — Watch This Video

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