As some of you may know we dropped the School Reach Program for staff and parent contact when it was bought out last year.  We have converted all of our staff and parent contact to the system already built into Option C.  We will be using Option C to notify you and parents of any important school updates throughout the school year, including any school emergency or closing information. 

Please not that while Option C is updating our site for the new Tri-Mester program and for the new Diocesan Report Cards there will be a delay on our ability to set up the class rosters and make other changes for the next school year.  We hope this will be ready for the start of the school year in August, but there is a possibility of some delays.  If this occurs we will keep you posted and let you know when the full system will be available for your use again.

All Option C data is considered confidential.  Please do not leave your Option C page open on your laptop during the school day.  Students would have access to information that is considered private and protected under Federal Law if you do so.  You may log in to Option C any time you need to use it, but please do not leave your Portal Page open on your Laptop.  You may leave the Login Page open so you can log back in as needed, but do not leave any data page including attendance open on your laptop.

 Option C is a WEB Portal Service that can be accessed from any computer that has Internet Access.  You can do this using the wired or wireless networks in the school or from home.  Please make sure you are doing  your morning attendance on Option C each day.  If you have adjustments in attendance for a student going home ill during the school day, or leaving for appointments, please notify the office before the end of the school day so our attendance logs can be properly updated.

Teachers only have access to the service beginning with the first official date of the school year.  Administrators have access to the Portal all year long.  Teachers have access to previous quarter information after the close of a quarter but do not have access to quarters that have not yet started.  Administrators must do close of quarter procedures before teachers have access to the next quarter information.

Close of year procedures are done during the summer months and are updated until the official start of the school year.  Additional changes or corrections to student record data including grade information, lesson plans, assignments, and general student data can be made by the teachers during each quarter.   Teachers can not make changes to the master student records or to family data.  Administrators are the only persons allowed to make changes in master student records and/or family data.

Only some reports are available to the teachers.  Other reports that contain information from the Master Student record or the Family Data file can not be run by the teacher.  If  you need a report that you don’t see on your report list please contact Rose Koslap or myself and we will run the report for you.  Mrs. Schiller can also run reports.

The Option C Portal provides many excellent help resources, including FAQ’s, Videos, and Printable PDF help files.  Please use these first if you have questions.  If you have a technical issue, please see me and let me know so I can contact the Technical Support help desk and work through the problem with them.

Parent access to Option C has been available since April of 2013.  Parents may access student grades, progress reports, assignments, and teacher comments.  Report Cards are still managed by the St. Theresa School Staff and Administration.


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