With the closing of St. Theresa’s K to 8 School in June of 2020 we decided to continue our subscription to the Option C LMS for the PreK program that was continuing at the school.  While we have continued to do so, the use of this tool has diminished substantially.  We are using this tool for the following functions only:

  1. Prospective Students information list
  2. Registered Students Data List
  3. Parent/Family Information Data List
  4. Staff Data List
  5. Daily Attendance List
  6. Student Class Assignment List
  7. Parent/Staff Notifications
  8. Email Lists for general email to parents and staff
  9. While we have maintained the Kindergarten Diocesan Report Card portrait and Grading standards we are not currently using them since we do not have an active Kindergarten at this time.
  10. Parents have access to their family and student data.
  11. Administrative staff has access to the whole LMS system
  12. Teachers have access to their class lists and Daily Attendance Functions
  13. Annual Calendar and Trimester Calendars

While we do consider some other functions as important until the program grows to the point where we are using a more structured grading system, we will continue to use only the items listed above.

NOTE:  Option C will be introducing their New User Interface officially during the 2022-2023 school year.  They have been providing some modules in advance of the official launch of the new User Interface.  This interface does improve the usability of some modules and should assist schools to make better use of this product.

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