As many of you know, I have been working with classes for the past several years to insure that each class gets to do some STEM, STEAM, and STREAM hands-on activities during the school year.  In many cases, you as classroom teachers have chosen the themes around which we have built these activities,and with others, I have chosen the themes on which these projects are based.  In addition for the past two years we have been participating in the STEM K’NEX Design Challenge competitions in the Regional IU20 competition.  We have learned a lot from those competitions and we are planning to field teams to represent our school again this school year.  Last year we also participated in the Hellertown Library’s STEM KEVA Blocks Competition.  We look forward to being able to participate in that competition again because it gives our students in grades Kindergarten through Third Grade a chance to participate in a STEM competition.  The STEM K’NEX competition is only open to students in grades 4 through 8.

In addition to doing STEM, STEAM, and STREAM projects with each class this year, the newly renovated former computer lab in the Rectory Building will now be a STEM Science Center.  While we will continue to use the classroom for many activities, we will also be using this new Science Center for many of our hands-on components of these STEM activities.

Something new this year will be the STEM K’NEX Design Challenge Club activity.  Beginning in September, this club will meet twice a month to begin preparing for the competition this year.  The club will practice various K’NEX designs and practice how to do a challenge blue print, and how to do a challenge narrative, and presentation.  This will help our teams be better prepared when the actual challenge information is released in January of 2017.  Students in Grades 4 through 8 who are interested in participating in this year’s competition are encouraged to join the club and practice with us.

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